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You may leave your CV in our database if you are struggling to find a suitable or lucrative work opportunity according to your experience, skill sets, and expertise. Our consultants are always on the hunt of the best candidates for a wide range of work opportunities. Please note that you must select the appropriate consents for data processing as your CV will simply not reach us without this requirement being completed. We will stay in touch with you if you would like to change something

Temporary job

Temporary Recruitment is all about the efficient and smart delegation of responsibilities to employees of your organization that are selected according to strictly defined criteria on the basis of the Act on the Promotion of Employment and Labor Market institutions and the Act on the Employment of Temporary Workers. It is important to note here that the employed candidates are our employees for the duration of the tasks entrusted. We take care of the administrative and legal service aspects, which result from their employment. This


You can hire employees for a shorter or longer period without increasing the number of full-time jobs – Fair Recruitment will be their formal employer holding the management of employees. Outsourcing of employee management has measurable benefits, including but not limited to: Optimization of administrative costs Maintaining the number of full-time jobs at the required levels Legal and organizational safety when hiring people Time saving Flexibility in filling positions. If you are interested in cooperation, you can just write to us. You will not wait

Are You Looking For A Job? Get Ready For In Interview

Are you tired of looking for a job? If you are stressed or nervous after sending dozens of CVs with no interview calls, we can assist you. We recommend that you must prepare thoroughly for an interview call to enhance your chances of being selected. Good luck! Check out Frequently Asked Recruitment Questions!


We are a team of experienced, professional, and knowledgable consultants with hundreds of completed direct search projects and interviews. Our idealogy is focused on “We Care” because we really do care. We want employers to find and hire dedicated, smart, and knowledgable workers on whom they can count always and without any fail. We help in identifying the best professionals that perfectly match with the requirements and expectations of a specific work opportunity.