We are a team of experienced, professional, and knowledgable consultants with hundreds of completed direct search projects and interviews. Our idealogy is focused on “We Care” because we really do care.

We want employers to find and hire dedicated, smart, and knowledgable workers on whom they can count always and without any fail. We help in identifying the best professionals that perfectly match with the requirements and expectations of a specific work opportunity.

We believe in exceeding expectations always as we very well know that you will never settle for anything less than perfection — that is something you rightly deserve!

Here is a brief idea of how the recruitment process by Fair Recruitment is executed:

  • We set a schedule with our client when accepting the recruitment agreement.
  • We reserve time for actions and efforts from our side and thereafter set a deadline for transfer of the application and the selection aspects on the client’s side.
  • We always believe in strategic and comprehensive planning and execution so that very purpose of the entire recruitment process does not get defeated at any point of time.

We may ask for answers to specific questions during a meeting or telephonic conversation. This is intended to gain a clear and complete understanding about description of the job opportunity and establish a detailed profile of potential candidates.

Our primary priority is to quickly and efficiently adapt to the specific requirements of our esteemed clients. This helps us provide them with the best quality of manpower solutions. It is for this reason that we commit to dedicate a specific amount of time and resources to know more about our clients before we initiate with the recruitment process. This attribute is helpful to increase the probability of our recommended candidates being selected by our clients and thereafter contribute to their success, development, and prosperity.

Each stage of the recruitment process is managed by a dedicated consultant that is entrusted with the responsibility of arranging the initial meeting with the client to facilitating the identification, selection, and employment of the selected candidate. We provide detailed reports that summarizes the progress of work after completing each step of the recruitment process.

Agreement  Acceptance
We proceed to work after both (our client and us) agree on the contract terms.

Methods Of Searching For Candidates

  • Direct search
  • Direct contact with companies that employ people with the desired profiles
  • Online advertising campaigns (over 160 websites – portals, industry forums, Facebook, Linkedin, and many more)
  • Searching for candidates in the Fair Recruitment database

Application Selection

  • Analysis of submitted CVs and cover letters in accordance with the candidate’s profile
  • Structured preliminary interviews with candidates
  • Recommendations of selected candidates for work
  • Selection by the client of candidates with whom interviews are to be conducted

Checking Required Documents And References

Our consultants collect information after receiving consent of the candidates from previous employers, clients, or co-workers. Our recruitment processes are characterized by a comprehensive and special questionnaire, the results of which are sent to you along with the CV and other required documents of potential candidates.

Organization And Coordination Of Interviews

Interviews can be conducted at the headquarters of Fair Recruitment or in your company. The interview schedule, depending on your expectations, is coordinated by one of our consultants or by you. We can also conduct interviews, assessment tests, cognitive ability tests, etc. depending upon mutually-agreed specifications.

We do understand that requirements of every client may be different. We describe in complete detail about the recruitment process so that our clients have a clear and complete understanding of how the final deliverables would be in line with their expectations.

You can simply write to us if you are interested in a mutually-beneficial and progressive cooperation. We will revert back to you within 24 business hours.

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Looking for an employee? Looking for an employee?
Looking for an employee?

FAIR RECRUITMENT provides recruitment and temporary work services for small companies as well as international corporations.

We create professional advertising campaigns, advise on issues related to the most optimal employment and remuneration model. We are perfectly aware of the importance of getting the best employee for a particular position. To achieve this goal, each stage of the recruitment process is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Looking for a job? Looking for a job?
Looking for an employee?

Are you looking for Job?  Go to the tab with job offerts in Poland and abroad  and apply for the post which is suitalbe for you.

If at the moment none of the offers meets your expectations – submit your CV  for future use.


You can always contact us  and ask for a specific offer.

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