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You may leave your CV in our database if you are struggling to find a suitable or lucrative work opportunity according to your experience, skill sets, and expertise.

Our consultants are always on the hunt of the best candidates for a wide range of work opportunities. Please note that you must select the appropriate consents for data processing as your CV will simply not reach us without this requirement being completed. We will stay in touch with you if you would like to change something in your CV or want to continue be a part of the Fair Recruitment candidate database. You may withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by sending us an email to:

You can use websites such as if you are not completely satisfied with your CV. You can additionally follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, where we regularly update our job offers.

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Looking for an employee? Looking for an employee?
Looking for an employee?

FAIR RECRUITMENT provides recruitment and temporary work services for small companies as well as international corporations.

We create professional advertising campaigns, advise on issues related to the most optimal employment and remuneration model. We are perfectly aware of the importance of getting the best employee for a particular position. To achieve this goal, each stage of the recruitment process is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Looking for a job? Looking for a job?
Looking for an employee?

Are you looking for Job?  Go to the tab with job offerts in Poland and abroad  and apply for the post which is suitalbe for you.

If at the moment none of the offers meets your expectations – submit your CV  for future use.


You can always contact us  and ask for a specific offer.

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