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We commit a significant amount of time to know in detail about the organizational culture, organization, manpower requirements and expectations, and people and business strategy of our clients before we start with the recruitment process. This helps us enhance the probability that the candidates recommended by us are a perfect match.

Support Support Support

Our consultants will provide you with professional advice related to domestic and foreign labor markets as well as formal requirements that should be met when recruiting for a specific work opportunity.


Fair Recruitment consultants will also assist in salary and non-wage package negotiations and can be expected to provide reliable and professional advice on issues related to labor law and tax regulations.

Security Security Security

We emphasize on data protection and full discretion. All information entrusted to us by the candidates is disseminated only to the extent required by the implementation of the recruitment projects. We always ask the candidates for their consent and present the employer’s offer before sending application documents to the client. Fair Recruitment does not share its database with other entities and only our consultants have the complete and uninterrupted access to our database. Fair Recruitment has been submitted to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection of UODO and operates in complete accordance with the recommendations of the GDPR.

Respect Respect Respect

The timing of contact with our consultants is tailored to meet Your requirements. We try to deal with a majority of matters via email or telephonic conversations.

We can arrange for organization of tests or direct conversations at our headquarters at the prior request of a client. We provide information about interviews and meetings to candidates with employer representatives well in advance.

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